**Note: We know many other businesses have reopened their doors but we personally feel that curbside continues to be the best for OUR business. We are a family business of 4 employees. If one of us gets sick, the rest of us will have to quarantine, and our doors will be closed for 2+ weeks. Customers’ bikes would be left sitting in the shop. We don’t want that to ever happen to us or to you.

This is the farthest thing from a political decision, trust us. We just want to stay healthy and be able to keep our business open so we can get and keep everyone riding.

We have a tent outside so there’s more shade available during curbside transactions.

We are happily overwhelmed by the amount of people who are bringing their bikes to us so they can get back riding. We hope that you can continue to be patient with our business decisions for both our family AND our community. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us. Stay healthy and safe! See you out on our curb!

(updated 7/23/2020).**

Sneakers & Spokes, the only biking and running store in Salem County, is a unique family-owned business located on Main Street in Woodstown, NJ. At 3.5% sales tax, this store offers a variety of bicycles for all ages and skills levels whether biking is your hobby or passion, as well as running shoes for experienced runners. Sneakers & Spokes provides an array of active wear and accessories for all your biking and running adventures.  Also, the experienced on-site bike mechanics can repair and maintain any brand, make or model no matter where you purchased them. The professional staff will treat your bike like it was their own.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new bicycle and new pair of shoes or some updated apparel or biking/running accessories, Sneakers & Spokes is the store for you. We look forward to your visit and look forward to serving you!

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3 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hi, Brian. Sorry for the delay. We go on group mountain bike rides occasionally in the spring, summer, and early fall. You can find some information on our Facebook page which is where we will post updates on scheduled and organized group rides. If we travel over to Delaware we usually ride at White Clay/Middlerun or Brandywine.


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